Implementation Blueprint for Omnichannel Education

Bailey Sampson
December 13, 2021

You may have been hearing the buzz around “Omnichannel Education” repeated within the life sciences industry. As we are adapting to how the world is changing, we must also adapt to how our employees learn. This is where Omnichannel Education comes into play. 

During the Life Sciences Trainers and Educators Network’s Annual Conference (LTEN), ACTO had the opportunity to educate trainers on how to implement omnichannel education strategies within their organizations. 

How did ACTO showcase the implementation strategy of omnichannel education? By discussing omnichannel education with a first-hand user. Jill Esguerra, Senior Learning Technologist at Genentech, spoke with Kapil Kalra, ACTO’s Chief Customer Officer, and Nate Kahl, ACTO’s Head of Customer Experience, to discuss her firsthand experiences on implementing omnichannel education strategies within her organization. 

Before joining Genentech, Jill worked at Gilead Sciences and AstraZeneca. 

 Given Jill Esguerra’s invaluable familiarity and understanding of the top life sciences companies, she offered the audience a unique practical perspective on implementing learning tools within an organization. 

What is Omnichannel Education?

As a learner, you may have heard multiple descriptions of what Omnichannel Education is, but you find yourself asking, truly, “what is it and how does it benefit me ?” 

In life sciences, Omnichannel Education is educating and engaging learners across the care continuum through unified educational experiences and journeys. By consolidating disjointed educational touchpoints into an omnichannel experience, medical education and commercial leaders can draw deeper, more powerful data insights on their education strategies. 

Omnichannel Education has the ability to revolutionize the way that life sciences companies function. Members along the care continuum, from lab to bedside, have unique pedagogical needs that must be met otherwise, they run into disjointed touchpoints and nonlinear learning journeys. Omnichannel education has the potential to unify life sciences learning and consolidate these touchpoints into a smooth, unified learning experience. 

Omnichannel Education Implementation

Now that you understand what Omnichannel Education is and it’s benefits, you are ready to learn how to implement this revolutionary strategy. This implementation strategy can be done in three steps: Integrate, Consolidate, and Eliminate — also referred to as ICE

  • Integration refers to the integration of key systems like SSO, and any kinds of reporting needs that your company may have. 
  • Consolidation is taking a holistic look at all the different apps and programs that you currently have within your organization. This allows for users to see where there is an overlap in features that assist in consolidating. 
  • The last step is eliminating the features that are no longer needed. 

Jill spoke of her experience building an Omnichannel Education system using the ICE methodology. At her previous company, Jill consolidated two learning management systems into one for a seamless user experience. By consolidating these systems, her field teams had less difficulty understanding complex material and allowed them to sell on clinical value with precise brand messaging. 

ACTO’s Technology at Genentech

How is ACTO being used at Genentech? Jill discussed how ACTO’s Omnichannel Education technology is aiding Genentech’s move into the world of medical devices. Prior to implementing ACTO,  Genentech was faced with the problem of communicating clear information to reps that was subsequently being shared downstream with healthcare professionals. With the multiple Learning Management Systems they had in place, inconsistent or outdated materials were being shared with learners along the care continuum. 

By implementing Omnichannel Education solutions, each user has access to the same reliable information, no matter where they fall on the care continuum. Regardless of each department’s goals and objectives, the information and clinical story being shared remains consistent and accurate. 

From an administrative perspective, information is located in one place to make it easy for managers to deploy certain content to the respective parties. It is imperative that HCPs do not receive materials when it is not yet time. This highlights the importance of integrating the experience for both pharmaceutical reps and the device representatives so that they are able to meet customers’ needs in a timely manner. 

What are my next steps? 

Are you ready to take your company to new heights? Omnichannel Education is learner-centric and data-driven.. All modes of learning, engagement channels, consolidated technology, speed of information, and powerful analytics can empower all members of the care continuum to meet their highest potential. Imagine the evolution of life sciences education all in the palm of your hands. To find out more, click here.