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Episode 6 | Arif

Wrapping Up 2022

December 21, 2022
Wrapping Up 2022Key Commercial InsigtsOne of the keys to commercial success in the last year was focusing on omnichannel and continuous learning. As ACTO wraps up another season, we want to highlight key takeaways and insights from experts and friends to enable success in the New Year.BlogInvest in learning to prepare for the future! This article explains how to empower
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Episode 6 | Arif

Business Brief: Creating Compliant Content

December 8, 2022
Business Brief Creating Compliant Content by Maria Bavishi, Associate Scientific Director, Axiom Introduction Creating sales training content can be one of the most challenging types of medical writing to perfect. Not only does it need to be clear, precise, engaging, and, most importantly, easily understandable for the learner, but it also needs to strike the right balance between scientific knowledge
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