Our story


How did it all begin?

Parth Khanna (Chief Executive Officer), Kapil Kalra (Chief Customer Officer), and Kumar Erramilli (Chief Technology Officer) met and were roommates as undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. While they were each drawn to different academic studies, they shared a desire to make a positive impact on the world. After graduating, they each went their separate ways to pursue this desire through careers in law, business consulting, and technology, respectively; however, it wasn’t long before their paths would cross again.

In 2014, the three friends came together—drawn again by their shared intention of making a meaningful impact—and defined their vision for ACTO. Founded on the core values of changing lives, being human, and challenging the status quo to solve problems, ACTO has grown to become the #1 learning platform in Life Sciences, supporting the industry’s mission to improve the human condition.

Our Story


ACTO was born

ACTO was founded on July 21, 2014 as an industry agnostic solution, on proven learning pedagogies of microlearning and action-based learning to drive behavior change and employee engagement


Angel round

ACTO secures an angel round of funding to build an innovative enterprise technology solution for learning management


Rapid adoption

ACTO gains rapid cross-industry adoption in commercial learning, with significant traction in the Life Sciences industry


Focus on Life Sciences

ACTO gathers a select cohort of Life Sciences leaders to understand the unique requirements of pharma and med device training


Seed funding

ACTO secures seed funding from MaRS IAF, Extreme Venture Partners, and Panache Ventures to scale the business


Platform and market expansion

ACTO delivers capabilities specific to the needs of Life Sciences trainers and learners, and demand for the platform surges


Series A and two acquisitions

ACTO secures US $11.5 million Series A funding led by Resolve Growth Partners and acquires Scrimmage and CoHealth


Significant growth

ACTO gains significant market share, grows its partner network, and expands its executive team to become the #1 learning platform in Life Sciences


Series B financing

ACTO secures US$18M Series B financing led by Questa Capital to accelerate continued innovation and growth


A Major Contender

ACTO is recognized as a Major Contender in Everest Group’s Life Sciences Next-generation Customer Engagement Platforms (CEP) PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023


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    “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with ACTO. The company’s founding team embodies the hunger, humility, and customer obsession that we love to see in entrepreneurs.”

    Chris Rhodes, Co-Founder and Managing Director
    Resolve Growth Partners


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