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Sales & Commercial Excellence

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Create “Masters of the Message”

Ensure your reps are competent, confident, and credible in their product and clinical knowledge during every face-to-face HCP interaction

Coach for Impact

Make sure coaching is not a check-the-box exercise - treat your FCR as meaningful sales tool, not just a compliance requirement

Empower Reps On The Go

Supporting your field reps in a way that is easy and non-disruptive by taking advantage of AI and voice-enabled tools they can use in the flow of work

The #1 channel preferred by HCPs is face to face sales rep visits 1

What can ACTO do?


Give Reps Messaging, On-demand

Voice-enabled search gives pharma reps immediate access to resources, accurate product messaging, and clinical data in seconds


Make FCRs Actionable

Make Field Coaching Reports (FCRs) meaningful by providing links to personalized reinforcement training and videos of “what good looks like” to make a real impact on rep performance


Monitor Field Performance

See where field teams are excelling and where they need help, so you can focus efforts to positively impact their competence, confidence, and performance in the field

The Critical Gap in Pharma Omnichannel Marketing

Face-to-face rep meetings are the most desired and effective channel with HCPs, yet these interactions are the hardest to control and measure. How do you bridge this gap?

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