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Make it a party

Give your learners energizing live training experiences that are memorable, meaningful, and fun

Strut your stuff

Ensure your learners leave live events confident, competent, and certified as they go into the field

Earn the afterglow

Track learning effectiveness with post-event insights to identify risks, address knowledge gaps, and support reps in the field

Trends in Events

of pharma planners expect an increased number of meetings 1
of products that meet expectations at launch continue to do so 2
is spent on sales training every year

Events on ACTO


Connect Training to Events

Ensure your learners attend events primed and ready with pre-work, registration, and personalized agendas to deliver the best learning experience in one, unified environment.


Boost Event Engagement

Guarantee learner engagement with interactive features like polls, quizzes, gamification, and leaderboards that transform your live events into memorable, fun experiences.


Drive Post-Event Momentum

Track learning impact, pull-through, and rep performance post-event with analytics that prove the effectiveness of your live training while offering real-time actionable insights.

“Using ACTO as a platform for the pre-work allowed us to have deeper conversations in the live training.”

Ellen Amos, Manager of Commercial Training at Ferring

Make Learning Fun

Easily add gamification to your home study training, live learning, and post-event pull-through to increase engagement and knowledge retention.

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