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The evolving needs of

Sales Meetings

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From Familiarity to Competency

Help your sales reps turn product knowledge into compelling, personalized conversations

A Day to Remember

Instead of the food or entertainment, make learning what your reps remember after the meeting

Beyond the Meeting

Ensure live learning continues after the live event

Trends in Sales Meetings

Say the number of pharma meetings per year is increasing or staying consistent 1
Of learners forget what they learned within seven days of learning it 2
Of physician’s brand preference is attributed to customer experience 3

“Using ACTO as a platform for the pre-work allowed us to have deeper conversations in the live training.”

Ellen Amos, Manager, Commercial Training - Microbiome & Uro-Oncology
Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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ACTO for Sales Meetings


 Prep Your Reps

Whether you're planning for an NSMs, a POA, or pocket meeting, ensure your reps come prepared by offering them engaging pre-work featuring key-takeaways, pro-tips, and surveys.


Keep Their Attention

Personalized agendas and push notifications ensure reps know what’s happening at the meeting, while interactive features like polls, quizzes, gamification, and leaderboards make live training fun and reinforce critical learning.


Post-Meeting Momentum

Fight The Forgetting Curve by making it easy for reps to locate content using keyword search, refer back to training, and request coaching or engage in video scenario coaching to ensure competence and confidence.

Increase Rep Engagement and Boost Sales

After a heavy rep turnover and the addition of new territories, Monaghan needed to get new reps trained and ready to sell quickly.

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