Meet TalkTRx™: Integrated with Veeva Vault

ACTO TalkTRx provides field reps with access to current and approved content on Veeva Vault PromoMats and Vault MedComm while layering on key talking points and best practice tips for using the asset in HCP interactions.

What makes TalkTRx special?

ACTO TAlkTRx is the first product built to give reps easy access to marketing material along with context to ensure they present assets to HCPs in an accurate and personalized manner.


ACTO Launches TalkTRx

Announced at the 2024 Veeva Commercial Summit in Boston, MA, ACTO unveils TalkTRx, recommended for use with Veeva Vault.

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Don’t Let Your Biopharma Reps “Lay Dying”

Medical materials can read like a Faulkner novel—many, many words.
Can your reps quickly communicate the meat of what’s important?
What if they had CliffsNotes? Remember CliffsNotes?

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The Critical Gap in Pharma Omnichannel Marketing

F2F rep meetings are the most desired and effective channel with HCPs, yet these interactions are the hardest to control and measure. How do you bridge this gap?

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increase in content produced by biopharmas for field reps 1
of content produced by biopharma is not used by field reps 1
of what people learn is forgotten within 20 minutes of learning it 2

“Having a new option that allows learners to access high-quality, MLR-approved content right at the point of need in a user-friendly way really aligns to the way people want to learn today.”

Terri Harchar, Managing Director, Axiom US

What can TalkTRx do?

Quick Access to Approved Content

ACTO TalkTRx provides access to current and approved content on Veeva Vault PromoMats and Vault MedComm while providing important context to help the rep use the materials in HCP interactions.


Talking Points for Any Asset

With ACTO TalkTRx, you can give reps key takeaways, best practice tips, or even a short video to show them how to speak to a core visual aid to help them prepare for live HCP meetings.


Message Consistency and Asset Use

With TalkTRx, field professionals understand the value of marketing materials and know how to speak to them, which increases use and ensures message consistency.



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