Don’t Let Your Reps “Lay Dying” in Front of HCPs – Give Them CliffsNotes

Alison Muller
May 2, 2024

Picture this: You’re in your college Literature class. Today, you were supposed to have finished reading William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying.” 

You tried. And failed. Miserably. 

Your professor now asks you what innovative technique Faulkner used in the novel that solidified his reputation as a ground-breaking writer.**

After your long, frozen pause, the professor says, “All right everyone. Since [Your Name] cannot provide any answer, it’s ‘Pop Quiz’ time. In the next 15 minutes, give me 300 words answering the question put to [Your Name]!”

What does this have to do with biopharma sales? 

How many reps have taken that long walk from the car to the HCP’s office, trying to remember the basics—points to communicate so an HCP will consider their drug? Or answer a basic clinical question, only to answer like this (See deer.)?

The Need: CliffsNotes for Pharma Reps

Medical materials can be like a Faulkner novel—many, many words. And hard to follow.

Can reps condense points and quickly communicate the meat of what’s important? 

What if they had CliffsNotes … Remember CliffsNotes

Designed to help readers quickly grasp the essence of complex subjects or books, CliffsNotes distill key points and insights so you can engage in discussions with an understanding of the topic at hand.

Sounds like an invaluable tool, doesn’t it?

Biopharmas created 20% more content over the previous year, yet 77% of that content was rarely or never used by field teams.


What if you had a tool like CliffsNotes to help:

  1. Feed reps the top 3-5 key product features and messages to communicate to an HCP?
  2. Refresh their memory on clinical data in that crucial moment of need?
  3. Allow them to review message points in minutes, improving their confidence with HCPs?

Announcing ACTO TalkTRx™ — CliffsNotes for Pharma Reps

Field reps remain the most effective and expensive channel for HCP engagement. But controlling the message and measuring the impact of live rep-HCP interactions is nearly impossible.

With TalkTRx, field reps can quickly understand the value of a marketing asset and how to speak to it. TalkTRx is the first product that gives reps easy access to assets, along with key talking points and best practice tips for using the asset in HCP interactions to ensure they present the asset and messaging in an accurate, personalized manner. Not only does this improve the value of the HCP interaction, it increases the use of the asset and message consistency in the field.

Integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats, TalkTRx gives reps the content and context they need to become “Masters of the Message” – trusted advisors who increase HCP engagement and brand performance. Understand how TalkTRx can transform your field reps into “Masters of the Message,” ensuring they are competent, confident, and credible in every HCP interaction.

Learn more about TalkTRx

There will be a pop quiz.

**The answer is Interior Monologue, something that also can trip up nervous, unconfident reps BTW.