New Hire Onboarding

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New Hire Onboarding

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Make training referenceable

Design home study training that doubles as field tools that reps can easily reference in the flow of work

Set up for success

Ensure new hire training pull-through with coaching connected directly to learning

Learn from the learners

Use insight about rep behavior in the field to continuously improve your new hire onboarding program

Trends in New Hire Onboarding

of employees who had exceptional onboarding experiences say they have "the best possible job" 1
of U.S. employees say their company does a good job of onboarding 2
of new hires say they feel fully prepared and supported to excel in their role after onboarding 3

“We’ve cut our onboarding time… feedback from the field about ACTO has been very positive.”

Pete Johnson, National Training & Development Manager,

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ACTO for New Hire Onboarding


Learn Now, Refresh Later

Traditional eLearning modules for new pharma sales reps are dense and lengthy - breaking them down into bite-sized segments, adding key takeaways, and tagging content to make it searchable not only makes training more effective, it makes it easy to refer to later.


Tailored & Personalized Learning

New reps often feel like they are alone on an island out in the field - reinforce new hire training and help build their relationship with their manager by embedding video and field coaching into learning resources.


Elevate Commercial Excellence

Understand both individual rep and collective team engagement with learning content, resources, and coaching interactions to spot trends and correlations to performance that you can use to improve commercial effectiveness.

ACTO for New Hire Onboarding

Learn how ACTO supports new hire onboarding by making training seamless, personalized, and referenceable.

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