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Be unforgettable

Fight the forgetting curve and help your reps retain more information with microlearning

Make it personal

Personalize training to match rep experience and get them into the field faster

Keep their attention

Keep learners engaged with interactive polls, quizzes, and gamification

Trends in Learning

of sales training fails to deliver ROI 1
of sales training is lost after three months
of learners forget what they learned within seven days of learning it 3

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Massive Takeaways, Bite-Size Learning

Increase learning efficiency by breaking down dense, complex, clinical information into bite-size microlearning and use action-oriented modules to keep your learners continuously engaged.


Teach The Student, Not The Class

Make training more impactful with personalized learning that adapts to reps’ unique interactions using customized learning pathways.


Make Learning Referenceable

Enable your home study training to function as field tools that reps can easily reference through key takeaways, in the flow of their work.

“Refreshers are essential - so information is well understood and well-used. I think that is the key to overcoming the issue of non-compliance in the field.”

Marie-Josee Toutounji, Former Medical Head, General Medicines Canada,

Maximize Learning Retention

Here from an expert panel on three innovative ways to maximize learning retention in field team training.

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