Meet LAICA: The AI Assistant for Life Science Field Reps

LAICA provides pharma sales reps with the information they need immediately, to improve the impact of their sales efforts.


What makes LAICA unique?

Built specifically for Life Sciences industry, LAICA is the industry’s only genAI assistant designed to help sales reps quickly and easily access content such as instructional material, training videos, marketing assets, and coaching best practices while in the field.


The rise of AI

AI is everywhere - and we use it every day, but how can it benefit
Life Sciences?

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ACTO launches LAICA

Learn about the only voice-enabled AI assistant made specifically for Life Sciences field sales reps.

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AI in the field

How can you automate learning and sales enablement to improve the efficiency of your field reps?

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“Having a new option that allows learners to access high-quality, Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR)-approved content right at the point of need in a user-friendly way really aligns to the way people want to learn today.”

Terri Harchar
Managing Director, North America

What can LAICA do?

Immediate Access to Accurate information

LAICA is the only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) genAI assistant made for sales reps in the Life Sciences industry. LAICA provides instant access to approved knowledge management and sales enablement resources to help reps speak with competence and confidence with HCPs.


Hands-Free learning

With LAICA, reps have “a coach in their pocket” - the ability to get answers to their questions quickly and easily with voice-enabled search that only pulls information from approved material in your ACTO database. Reps can refresh on product information, clinical reprints, and messaging while on the go.


Rep Insight

LAICA also helps commercial leaders support their field teams by providing insight into rep behavior through data collection. Managers can see LAICA search queries and the questions reps are asking, which can help them target reinforcement training and coaching. 



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