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Product Launches

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Link up learning

Unify the product launch pre-work, live event training, and post-launch pull-through in a single app for your reps

Bring the product to life

Focus on patient stories and practice at the launch meeting by making sure pre-work is not a check-the-box exercise

Monitor launch performance

Tie the impact of training to field effectiveness with insight from real-time launch learning dashboards

Trends in Product Launches

new drug launches in the United States every year, on average 1
of products that miss expectations at launch continue doing so in subsequent years 2
of products that meet or beat expectations at launch continue to do so afterward 3

“As we thought about the launch of this product, ACTO was the unanimous choice because it was a one-stop shop. It had everything we needed.”

Pete Hodlofski, Director, US Sales Training Lead,
Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
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ACTO for Product Launches


Ensure Launch Readiness

Design learning journeys that combine training content in any format (including SCORM files), key takeaways, pro-tips, and surveys to make pre-work memorable.


Boost Live Event Engagement

Personalized agendas and push notifications ensure reps know what’s happening and where they need to be, while interactive features like polls, quizzes, gamification, and leaderboards make training fun and reinforce critical learning.

Drive Post-launch Pull-through

Keep reps competent, confident, and compliant in the field by making it easy to locate content using keyword search, refer back to training, and request coaching; and, alerting them of new training for label, positioning, and marketing asset updates.

ACTO for Product Launches

Learn how ACTO supports the entire Product Launch Learning Lifecycle - from pre-launch, to launch, to post-launch in a single app.

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