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Your personalized playlist

Allow reps to create custom “playlists” of MRL-approved content that they can then present live and share via email with HCPs

Know what’s resonating

See how HCPs are interacting with your asset playlist and use that insight to direct your next conversation

Make interactions meaningful

Personalize and customize interactions with HCPs to deliver relevant information in a memorable way

Trends in HCP Engagement

of HCPs are bothered by receiving generic content 1
of HCPs reported personalization is important to them 2
of HCPs future prescribing depends on effective rep engagement 3

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Streamline Workflows

Let reps develop and deliver customer presentations from the same platform, then share them with HCPs, in their preferred modality, to make every meeting a successful one.


Personalize Every Interaction

Delight and satisfy in every HCP interaction by giving your reps the ability to create customized, personalized presentations using approved and compliant sales and marketing resources.


Track HCP Engagement

Utilize in-app engagement analytics to build better outreach strategies and understand which resources are the most influential with customers and HCPs.

“Pharma must up level the value they deliver. It’s not about shouting the loudest. It’s about being present and relevant at the right place and time.” 1

EPGHealth, 2021

Creating Compliant Content

As reps develop materials to present to their customers, make sure they are using accurate and up-to-date information.

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