Field Team Compliance

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Field Team Compliance

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Keep it simple

Simplify your reps’ field experience with a single app for training, coaching, and presenting to HCPs

Make it easy

Make it easy for reps to immediately find and access approved content and messaging with keyword search

Support continuous learning

Use surveys to track knowledge retention and push notifications to alert reps of updates and new training

Trends in Field Team Compliance

of CL&D professionals believe their field teams use unapproved content or messaging with HCPs 1
of CL&D leaders catch incidents of field reps using unapproved content weekly, monthly, or quarterly 2
of CL&D leaders who encountered field reps using unapproved content said it had a direct negative impact to their company 3

“Refreshers are essential - so information is well understood and well-used. I think that is the key to overcoming the issue of non-compliance in the field."

Marie-Josee Toutounji, Former Medical Head, General Medicines Canada,
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ACTO for Field Team Compliance


Meaningful Search

Make it easy for reps to find the material they need, when they need it, with keyword search by therapeutic area, disease state, product name, or other relevant search terms.


Connected Coaching

Elevate the impact of coaching by connecting FCRs, video scenario coaching, and certifications directly to training resources to ensure accurate messaging with HCPs.


Always Accurate & Approved

Using a single app for content, messaging, and presenting to HCPs means you only have to update materials in one place for reps, who are alerted of the new content via real-time push-notifications.

New Research Report

Risk from pharma reps using unapproved content and messaging in the field persists, but a focus on training could be the answer.

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