Episode 10: The Sales Training Manager Learning Journey with Ellen Amos

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As we move out of the pandemic, we are shifting strategies as the landscape has changed. If you are struggling to create new strategies or wonder how other companies are approaching CL&D, we have you covered with this episode! Listen as Ellen talks about how she approached training, which is amplified as someone with sales experience. She discusses the challenges she had while searching for the most effective manner to teach the representatives and the solutions she found to those challenges. She is paving the road for a learning culture and engaged and empowered sales representatives. Listen to her views, suggestions, and tactics.

Ellen Amos
Manager of Sales Training, Microbiome
Ferring Pharmaceutical

About Ellen Amos:
Ellen is an industry expert in the CL&D space. She is a highly accomplished leader who has an extensive background in pharma. She began her career in pharma carrying the bag before moving into Brand management and, for the past 8 years excelling in training and leaving a lasting impact on the companies she worked for. She has been called out as being able to flawlessly deliver training that is insightful and engaging!

What you will learn: 

  1. The benefits of using a learning platform for pre-work, live events, and ongoing training. She also considers how she would approach her learning platform post-launch.  
  2. How she uses micro-learning to establish a solid foundation of knowledge that aids in learning retention and then builds on that by providing informational insights into the “why” to spark a deeper understanding of the product.
  3. Strategies for enhancing role-playing by transitioning to verbalization exercises and coaching scenarios, as well as what happens when reps recognize that failure in these exercises is normal and encouraged.

Show Notes:
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