Episode 17: The Transformative CL&D Strategies Journey with Todd Amrhein

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This episode explores the latest trends in training and CL&D (Commercial Learning and Development). With insights from Todd's extensive experience, listeners will learn effective strategies for creating impactful training programs, developing teams in specialized therapeutic areas, fostering collaboration and partnership, driving engagement and performance in sales teams, aligning training and marketing efforts, and embracing emerging technologies like AI and virtual reality in corporate learning. Get ready to gain valuable knowledge that can revolutionize your approach to training and learning.

Todd Amrhein
Award-winning Director of Global Training, Learning and Development, Marketing, and Sales 

About Todd Amrhein:
Todd is a results-driven, award-winning Director of Global Training, Learning and Development, Marketing, and Sales in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. He has been a part of 60 global product launches and has a proven track record of success, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to our discussion today. He has successfully partnered across departmental and international lines, working with domestic and international stakeholders, distributors, and vendors. His specialties include creating training departments, product launches, content creation, adult learning principles, sales leadership and management, marketing strategies, and leadership.

What you will learn: 

  1. Align with all stakeholders: Involving everyone and incorporating their suggestions and perspectives can lead to comprehensive training programs beyond expectations.

  2. Tap into team expertise: In complex therapeutic areas, involving experienced team members as mentors and promoting best practice sharing among employees can enhance knowledge and skills development.

  3. Foster collaboration and communication: Alignment between training, marketing, and sales teams creates a cohesive customer experience and drives commercial success. Emphasizing the 3 Cs (collaboration, coordination, and communication) can strengthen organizational learning culture.


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