Reducing Risk in the Field

Kristina Belyea
April 19, 2023

In the Life Sciences industry, the risks associated with inaccurate and unapproved messaging and content in the field are persistent and concerning. A recent webinar in partnership with Citeline, presented by ACTO CEO Parth Khanna and Citeline Vice President of Research Kristin Letourneau, Ph.D., revealed the results of a recent survey on the frequency and impact of field teams using unapproved content and messaging. The webinar explored survey results around the challenges faced by field teams in accessing MLR-approved content and key strategies for overcoming these obstacles

One significant finding of the survey was that almost three-quarters of respondents believed that their field force shared unapproved content or messages with healthcare providers (HCPs). Half of the participants in leadership roles caught field reps using unapproved content weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The recommendation to address this challenge was for organizations to increase dialogue and collaboration, which would result in frontline employees better understanding the risks and potential impacts of rogue messaging or content. 

Another critical recommendation was to leverage technology and training as enablers to identify pockets of risk and overcome them. For example, a Life Sciences learning platform can provide insight into keywords that field teams frequently search for, allowing organizations to take rapid action and intervene before sales representatives discuss inappropriate uses of their product in the field. Compliance teams can also use feedback from sales managers and coaching sessions with technology platforms to manage risks effectively. It was encouraged that all teams shouldn’t be “tech timid” when endeavoring to reduce company risk.

The trends revealed in this research underscore the importance of reducing the risk of field teams using unapproved content and messaging. To achieve success, organizations must build bridges among key stakeholders, use technology, and equip field teams with easy-to-access messaging that delivers approved and valuable content to the right people at the right time. 
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