The AI Education Learning Journey with Todd Staples

Kristina Belyea
June 8, 2022

Do you think artificial intelligence (AI) will make us more human? Todd Staples—Director of Healthcare Innovation at ACTO and a key member of the team focused on LAICA, ACTO’s AI conversational assistant for the Life Sciences—was recently interviewed on The Learning Journey podcast to explore this topic. The conversation takes us on a thought-provoking journey exploring AI innovation in Life Sciences education and learning.

Here’s a teaser of what you’ll find in the podcast:

  • Enabling personalization: Individual learning journeys are the most effective approach to training people, but the amount of time and money required to do so can be a barrier. However, with the assistance of AI, you can eliminate the manual effort and the associated costs of personalized training. With AI, you can build personalized and flexible learning experiences for each team member using data insight, and you will obtain a better understanding of your team members’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to capitalize on and minimize each of them.
  • Improving retention: The learning process is wrought with many distractions, and determining how to keep your teams engaged in training can be a challenge. We now know from new training insights that knowledge must be provided in digestible ways—in little amounts and in a medium that the person finds interesting—to make it more engaging. By packaging learning in “snackable” forms and leveraging AI to continually learn, evaluate, and make training and content recommendations, learners’ engagement and knowledge retention increases.
  • Impacting Commercial Success: Sales representatives educate and solve problems while having to learn and retain a vast amount of product knowledge. The insights that AI can provide in the context of both education and learning have the potential to contribute to greater commercial success. When this is achieved, more time can be allocated for training in areas such as soft skills, resulting in more well-rounded and successful salespeople.

Implementing AI within learning and education enables continual skill evaluation, learning, and improvement recommendations for your teams. Trainers and Sales Managers in Life Sciences will now have more time for coaching and mentoring, allowing us to better engage with the human side through soft skills.

Don’t miss the discussion on the real-world example of how AI could increase success when bringing a new drug to market! 

“If you can get information quickly and deliver it in a fashion that’s appreciated and valued by the physician asking, that is the name of the game.”

Listen to the episode now: The Learning Journey: Empowering Education in Life Sciences.