ACTO and Philips Respironics Partnership Earns Nomination for the 2019 LTEN Excellence Award in Innovation

TORONTO, June 3, 2019 /CNW/ – ACTO and Philips Respironics’ partnership has earned a nomination for the 2019 LTEN Excellence Award in Innovation, honoring best-in-class learning and development initiatives within the life sciences. LTEN has recognized ACTO for their work with Philips Respironics in implementing the ACTO Commercialization Cloud.

“In the past, training was a check-the-box event,” said Parth Khanna, CEO of ACTO, “The leadership team at Philips Respironics was able to identify that training could drive a company-wide transformation. By giving their reps one place for all their training, sales, and marketing tools, Philips Respironics is now able to tap into a wealth of learning and engagement data to refine their commercial strategies.”

Last year, Philips Respironics was looking for a new learning management system (LMS), but realized there was a larger opportunity to transform their commercial unit with ACTO. Philips Respironics deprecated their legacy LMS and content management system (CMS) and gave their reps a one-stop-shop to access training and brand messaging in two clicks or less. Further, in under 12 weeks Philips Respironics reduced their content library from over 2,600 to under 800 assets and migrated over 70% of this library from their legacy LMS to the ACTO Commercialization Cloud.

Philips Respironics’ vision was to drive continuous learning for reps, draw insights from the field and enable collaboration between different teams. By consolidating their training, sales, and marketing tools onto the ACTO Commercialization Cloud, Philips Respironics is now able to both equip their reps to more effectively communicate their clinical data and messaging and identify opportunities in real-time to coach their reps. These capabilities have resulted in more meaningful conversations between their reps and healthcare providers.

“ACTO has changed the way we think about training as a company,” said Dan Mellon, Project Manager of Sales Operations at Philips Respironics, “Training has become a priority for every team in the commercial unit now and everyone is thinking: How are we going to train this? Since rolling out ACTO, other teams at Philips Respironics have seen the value of training appropriately and delivering the training in the right way. We’ve elevated the role of training in our company and gotten our teams on the same page.”

ACTO’s Platinum Preferred Industry Partnership with LTEN demonstrates its commitment to building bridges between its diverse network of customers and partners and the LTEN community. At this year’s 48th Annual LTEN Conference, ACTO and Philips Respironics will be presenting a workshop together.

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