eyeforpharma Awards Recognize Two ACTO Use Cases as Finalists

TORONTO, Nov. 25, 2019 /CNW/ – Two of ACTO’s use cases have been nominated as finalists in the eyeforpharma Awards, which focus on recognizing genuine, truly innovative and meaningful approaches to excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. AstraZeneca has been nominated in the ‘Most Promising MVP/Pilot’ category for its ACTO use case. ACTO has been nominated in the ‘Most Valuable Data & Insights Initiative’ category for its work with Philips Respironics.

“We are truly honored that the esteemed eyeforpharma judges have recognized ACTO as a finalist in the eyeforpharma Awards,” said Parth Khanna, CEO of ACTO, “In order to adjust to industry changes such as a shift towards value-based care, life sciences companies need to think differently and adopt novel solutions. These eyeforpharma nominations validate that ACTO is indeed the out-of-the-box solution that life sciences companies need today to promote on clinical value.”

The ‘Most Promising MVP/Pilot’ category recognizes initiatives by life sciences companies that have the potential to disrupt the status quo. With the life sciences industry witnessing a shift towards value-based selling, AstraZeneca seized the opportunity and leveraged ACTO’s cutting-edge technology to break into an untapped market, making the AstraZeneca-ACTO use case a befitting finalist in this category.

“At AstraZeneca, we are focused on creating a culture of learning where everyone has the ability to grow and develop in the flow of work,” said Spencer Holt, Head of AstraZeneca’s Commercial Learning Innovation Centre, “We are pushing the boundaries of science and putting patients first in everything we do. ACTO is a key partner in helping us in our evolution of developing new skills, being relevant to our customers and ensuring learning is a strategic driver to performance.”

The pilot was successfully launched in a record time of 4 months and achieved a notable adoption rate of 98% amongst reps. ACTO has helped reps promote on clinical value and has given AstraZeneca’s commercial leaders deep field intelligence on what strategies are or are not working in the field.

ACTO is nominated in the ‘Most Valuable Data & Insights Initiative’ category, which recognizes initiatives that harness data (internal or RWD), AI, ML or analytics to reveal valuable insights, ultimately resulting in new opportunities for better patient care. In the past, many coveted awards such as the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards and the LTEN Excellence Awards in Innovation have recognized ACTO’s work with Philips Respironics. The ACTO-Philips Respironics partnership revealed to the life sciences industry that it is possible to draw a relationship between commercial learning and development data (CL&D) and sales performance data.

By consolidating their training, sales, and marketing tools onto the ACTO Commercialization Cloud, Philips Respironics was able to both equip their reps to more effectively communicate their clinical data and messaging, and identify opportunities in real-time to coach their reps. With ACTO, Philips Respironics harnessed deep field data to draw insights on their top reps’ behaviours and create a blueprint of success not just for commercial learning and development, but for the entire commercial unit.

Eyeforpharma will announce the winners at the eyeforpharma Awards 2019 ceremony taking place in Philadelphia, USA, on December 11, 2019. More details about the eyeforpharma Awards and the lists of finalists are available at https://www.eyeforpharma.com/awards-evening/ 

Published on PR Newswire