Episode 2: The AI Education Learning Journey with Todd Staples

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In this informative podcast, Todd provides fantastic insight as he explores The Learning Journey of AI in Education and Technology. We will look at how AI has revolutionized how trainers can train their field forces, how individuals may utilize AI to their advantage to achieve tremendous success, and so much more!

Todd Staples
Director of Healthcare Innovation, ACTO

About Todd Staples:
AI mobile learning expert, brand, and media guru, with a background in customized data-driven marketing models. He is breaking down barriers and changing life sciences learning technology. 

What you will learn: 

  1. How AI is impacting and the benefits to commercial trainers and educators
  2. AI’s impact on the field force and their learning journey
  3. The framework to interpret and apply AI data

Show Notes:
Check out the “Two AI’s Have An Existential Crisis” video here
Book Info: Joseph Campbell: Hero with a Thousand Faces (Amazon Link)

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