Episode 6: The Pharma Rep Enablement Learning Journey Part 1 with James Harper

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James is talking all about the journey of a pharmaceutical sales rep. The shift to technology showed the missing aspects that field teams could use to be more successful, and he talks about his experience as a sales representative. As a result, he developed Twentyeightb as a tool to assist in the resolution of such issues. There has been much discussion over the years regarding how the role of pharmaceutical representatives will change and whether they will become extinct. James is passionate about the notion that field teams (reps) will always be needed, as well as to make calls in person. He gives examples of how technology can create better education and more trust with HCPs. Based on his experience, he describes why he is so passionate about empowering reps with technology and how more pharmaceutical companies must adopt the technology and a new training mindset. 

James Harper
Found and MD of Twentyeightb 28b LTD

About James Harper:
James is a seasoned pharmaceutical veteran with a passion for healthcare and digital technology. He has 27 years in the Life Science (Pharmaceutical) industry working in sales, brand strategy and compliance. He is the founder and MD of Twentyeightb. He is very passionate about enabling reps through technology!

What you will learn: 

  1. Enabling reps through technology and how and why to get them to fall in love with data.
  2. How you can better utilize Veeva CRM.
  3. How sales representatives fit into the omnichannel and multichannel strategy and how that affects engagement.

Show Notes:
Veeva 2022 Field Trends Pulse report:  https://www.veeva.com/pharma-biotech-field-trends/
The Creative Engagement Report on Field team impact and HCP preferences: HCP Research Whitepaper – Field Engagement
LinkedIn Article: Death of the Sales Rep?
Guest LinkedIn: James Harper

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