ACTO Platform Resources

At ACTO, we want to ensure that we provide you with the resources to empower you to successfully use our platform. On this page, you will find Product Guides for admins and learners as well as walkthrough videos and other resources to support you. When we update a resource, you can find the latest version here. Please click into the section most relevant to your needs to access the resources within that section.

ACTO Admin Guides

The ACTO Admin Guide provides platform administrators with an overview of the ACTO platform. Administrator refers to individuals who can access the platform’s back-end, and perform administrative tasks. End-users, or learners, do not fall into this category. The Admin Guide is organized into sections, each one exploring a core capability and its features. Please download the guide to get started.


Admin Guide to ACTO Omnichannel (Full Guide)

This is a full guide for ACTO platform administrators. Please click here to download the guide.

Download Guide